Hop production plant wasbuilt in the late XIX century as a result of a rapid development of hop cultivationin the region, which in turn was caused by the relocation of the Czech ethnic group to Volyn.

The buildings of the plant are a monument of industrial architecture. It consists of several buildings, the first one is located directly on Svobody Street, built in 1831; in 1981-1982 it was a bit reconstructed. The second building is located in the yard of a cheese factory. Two-story, rectangular by plan, the building was built in the 20s of the XX century. Once it was owned by the Fishbeins brothers. There was a vodka compound in one of the buildings that burned in 1929. According to the descendants of the owners of the factory – the brothers Pereil, the hop production plantbelonged to Abraham GershPerel.

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.42016819202767 Width: 25.74389673919063

Residential trading house of theXIX century

вулиця Михайла Драгоманова, Дубно, Рівненська область, Украина, 35604
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