Tarakaniv Fort is a unique fortification building of the late XIX century. As a result of the third division of Poland, when Galicia was captured by Austria, the border between Austria and the Russian Empire began to pass along the Zbarazh-Brody-Berestechko-Sokal line. To strengthen the border of the Russian Empire, the royal leadership set several fortifications. One of them is TarakanivFort, which was built in 1885-1890 by the forces of the main engineering department under the military ministry of the Russian Empire.

TarakanivFort was built on a high hill, which is a continuation of the cascade of hills extending westward to the Povchanska Hill. railway Kyiv – Lviv was on the one side, on the other – the left bank of the swamp valley of Ikva River.

Prominent fortifiers were involved in the construction of the fort: K. Velychko, Totleben, Baumgarten, the first commandant of the fort Belikov.

This defensive structure was a concrete and earthy fortification, built with the use of brick, cement, cast-in-foundry parts; it also had form-ceiling and doors, which closed hermetically, stairs, laces. The fort had autonomous water supply with three wells inside, a kerosene engine and a machine for lighting and ventilation; telegraph and telephone; a bathhouse, a medical facility, food storage for a 2-month supply. In 1901, the garrison fortified church was built and equipped in aRussian-Byzantine style. The arrival of the Russian Emperor Alexander III with his family in 1890 during the celebration of the opening of the Tarakaniv Fort was a great event.

Until 1905, Tarakaniv Fort was used as a fortress-warehouse. During the First World War, at the end of September 1915 the Austrian troops occupied the fort. The destruction of the fort took place during the fighting of the First Equestrian Army against the White Poles, as well as in summer of 1916 during the Brusilovoffence on the southwestern front. After the First World War, the fort lost its strategic destiny forever.

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.36321423375325 Width: 25.716214682254872

Tarakaniv Fort

Unnamed Road, Рівненська область, Украина
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