The Great Synagogue in Dubno is one of the most interesting Jewish monuments of Volyn region. The construction is an illustrative example of the synagogue construction of the XVIII century with the use of stylistic elements of the Renaissance and early classicism.

The building of the synagogue, preserved to this day, was constructed in 1782-1794 in a baroque style at the site of the oldest synagogue of the XVI century. Dubno synagogue located in a majestic stone building with a height of 21 meters. The dome is supported by 12 columns built in 4 rows. Rectangular in plan, with additions to the western and northern facades of premises, the synagogue is located on a former trade street, where people sold fish (therefore, it was named a Fish Synagogue).

The construction of the synagogue was carried out with the assistance of the owner of Dubno and a patron, prince MikhayloLyubomyrsky.

Since the synagogue was founded, there was a choir which performed the best compositions of the Jewish liturgy.

During the First World War, the synagogue was partially destroyed by Austrian troops and reconstructed in the 1920s.

After the Second World War the premises were used as a warehouse. The Germans set a Jewish ghetto along with the construction of the synagogue.

In Soviet times it was adapted to DOSAAF (Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy). In the 1980’s, the synagogue was used as a production base for restoration workshops.

In April 2018, the balance-holders of the facility, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve ofDubno, initiated emergency precautions to replace and overlap the roof of the Synagogue.

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.4170705818534 Width: 25.744367837905884


вулиця Кирила і Мефодія, 25, Дубно, Рівненська область, Украина, 35603
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