Shevchenko Park is a special place for Dubno residents. One have an opportunity to admire the wooden sculptures like in an open-air gallery, walk around, and spend some time with kids.

Taras Shevechko is standing thoughtful in the park among trees and sculptures, as here Ivan Soshenko noticed him, then a difficult path of his release began. There is a sculpture of another Taras in the park, of Taras Bulba, though he is a fictional character, Mykola Gogol brought him to our city by literary ways. At that time Dubno was under Polish control. The city was fighting, so Taras Bulba made it to Dubno only in 2014, as a sculpture of course. Gogol describes him as a huge tubby. The biggest tree was chosen for him. In one hand he holds his famous pipe, and in another – Dubno”s coat of arms.

Angel (“herald” in Greek) is a symbol of ethereal spirits created by God. God’s heralds have always played a huge role in the art. As a rule, angels were shown as a young man with wings in antique robes. And at that moment the sculptor decided to create and Angel with Ukraine’s coat of arms. For the first time an angel was depicted with a symbol of Ukraine’s independence in Dubno. He angel seems to descend from the sky on the Ukrainian land on stylized clouds, which wrap the bottom. The Angel is looking eastward. When the author was creating the sculpture, Donbas war has already begun in eastern Ukraine. The angel has flower crown on his head. Each flower expresses something. His hair is laying on his shoulder. His wings are slightly raised, the feathers were created carefully, regarding every singly detail.  The Ukrainian nation had a long and difficult path towards its independence. The Angel wars us not to lose what God gave us. He says to us with Shevchenko’s words: “Struggle on – and be triumphant! May God help you”.

The sculpture of Konstantyn Ostroski is made in knight’s armor like the ones he had in his shrine in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. The Prince was a famous philanthropist, political figure and one of the most prominent leaders of the 16 century, who has done a lot for the development of Dubno city and for Volyn. So he has a right to be placed in the center of the park.

Mykhaylo Grushevsky, Ukraine’s first President, was a great scientist, so his sculpture has many folios. Yet, there are not all of his works, because he was the author of around 200,000 treatises. When people asked the sculptor who is this, he offered them to look at 50 hryvnias.

“Fairytale tree” is five meters tall, was made of Canadian maple and is full of surprises. This is an example of the cooperation of the master and the tree. The tree itself seemed to have prepared all the growths and same holes with the heroes of the Ukrainian folktales for the sculptor. The rooster is sitting near the window, probably, waiting for a cunning fox to steal him. The cat is starring from the doors so that nobody steals the rooster. There are funny seven heroes of “Mittens” fairytale. Three-head Zmei Gorynych is laying on the tree, defeated by the brave Kotyhoroshko. Birds occupied the top of the tree. There are swan-brothers, which saved Ivasyk-Telesyk, and a white magpie in a necklace, and owls looking from their homes like night guards. Sharpe-eyed falcon is on the very top ready for the flight.

The Okha house. Ukrainian folktale tells that there was a forest king Okh, a small man with a long beard. Once he made a handsome and smart guy from a lazy boy. This guy could turn into different creatures. Okh looks out of his house, he has a crown with oak leaves on his head, he holds his beard with his hands. From another side of the house he is in a character of a Romany, he is holding that lazy guy, who has just turned into a horse. Mavkas, Leshys with their eyes shining among the trees, and funny bugs with butterflies also live in Okhs’ forest. There are mushrooms in the forest, snails talking about something, and squirrels running on the roofs.

A cunning fox is made of old stumps, and there are also two kittens laying in the sun. One is sleeping and another one attentively looking somewhere as if it noticed somebody. Two ducks are swimming in a lake, made of the poplar’s stump.

For a long time Dubno was surrounded by Ikva river, which had a lot of fish. We see a fisherman in a morning fog on a boat full of flowers. Maybe, he wants to bring them to his love, maybe – to the market, who knows…

Apart from fish and birds, there were a lot of mythological creatures. The mix of real and mythological is represented in the sculpture “Mermaid and a carp”. A real depiction of a carp is combined with a mythological Mermaid, which leaned to the carp, and they are swimming in the time space.

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.42280004776658 Width: 25.742721416923587

Wooden sculptures park on Shevchenko Street

вулиця Тараса Шевченка, Дубно, Рівненська область, Украина, 35600
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