The Roman Catholic Church of John of Nepomukwas founded by Prince Janusz Ostrogski in the early XVIII century.

The existence of two wooden churches of John of Nepomuk, which were destroyed by a storm and a fire, was documented. The construction of the stone church began in 1817 and lasted about 15 years. It was built in 1832. The church is named after its founder, as well as a respected Czech Catholic saint, priest, martyr John of Nepomuk.

The body of St. John of Nepomukis buried in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The saint is the patron of good confession, confessors and travelers in the western church. St. John of Nepomukwas a kind of patron saint of the city of Dubno, he defended its inhabitants and guests from various misfortunes.

 In the XVIII century the cult of John of Nepomukwas rather widespread in the western Ukrainian lands. Figures and images of the saint were depicted in many Catholic churches.

The consecration of the church took place on November 1, 1830. In 1946, the church was about to be closed, but it still continued its activity for about 13 years. Ultimately, the church was closed on November 21, 1959, and there was a sports school in it. Altars were destroyed. According to the decision of the Dubno City Council, the church was finally restored on February 9, 1994.

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.420281439130115 Width: 25.7432870324468

Catholic Church of John of Nepomuk

вулиця Князя Острозького, 25, Дубно, Рівненська область, Украина, 35604
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