Dubno castle consists of three architectural landmarks: Over-gate carcaseof  (XV-XVII century), the palace of Ostroski family (XV-XVII century), the palace of Lyubomyrski family of the (late XVIII century). The castle of Ostroski family is one of the oldest buildings in the city. KostyantynOstroski built it in 1492.

In the XVII century, the castle was strengthened with two bastions and watch towers in the corners. One of them is named “Beatka” or “Divoch”, it is Dubno’s calling card.

The most prominent architect of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, famous Italian artist DomenicoMerlini built the palace of Lyubomyrski family in a west European style of classicism in the XVIII century.

Luxurious banquets, knight tournaments, classical music concerts, ballet with pantomime were held here in the castle. Prominent Polish playwrightWojciechBogusławski performed his plays here along with the performances of the Roman opera.

Dubno castle website – http://zamokdubno.com.ua

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.41954185943756 Width: 25.747843980789185

Dubno castle

вулиця Замкова, 7, Дубно, Рівненська область, Украина, 35600
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