The buildings were built in the late XIX and early XX centuries, belonged to the Countess Elizabeth Shuvalovf, the daughter of Princess Elizabeth Boryatinska, the owner of Dubno since 1870. It was used as a hunting residence. The complex had rooms for rest, stables with lots of breeding horses and kennels with dogs of different hunting breeds. There also was a large collection of hunting weapons and ammunition, hunting uniform. The government was a Countess Shuvalova – stewards, accountants, tax collectors – was sitting in a separate house of economy.When the region belonged to Poland, the steward of Countess ShuvalovaSheidemanlived in the house of economy.

Until 1980, Dubno Agricultural College was located here, and since 1980 – Dubno Professional Lyceum.

Geographic coordinates

Length: 50.40625301013886 Width: 25.760366983006406

The houses of economy of the Countess Shuvalova

вулиця Михайла Грушевського, Дубно, Рівненська область, Украина, 35604
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